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Free spins are highly sought after in the online slots casino sphere and it is easy to see why! What could be better than a free roll of the dice and the chance to win a real money jackpot?

Of course, free spins are used on slot games and are therefore perfect for slots enthusiasts who are looking for a bit more bang for their buck.

Here at video Slots Racer, we don’t offer free no deposit spins. Instead, we offer better deals when players make a small qualifying deposit. This is the case across many online casino sites these days, as no deposit offers have dwindled in recent years.

There are many free spins offers out there, so buckle in as we race you through everything you need to know about these promotions. With this knowledge in hand, you will certainly be in pole position to take home some big jackpots.

What are Free Spins No Deposit?

No deposit free spins can be acquired without depositing any funds to the online casino site. This is appealing to new players who want to dive into some action with minimal fuss. That said, you will usually be required to register with the online casino before you receive your free spins.

Free spins no deposit come in various shapes and sizes and apply on specific free slot games. In exchange for joining an online casino, new players could receive anywhere from 5 to 500 Free Spins as part of a welcome offer. However, the 500 Free Spins is much easier to come by from welcome offers where there is a deposit required, like here at Slots Racer!

All you will need to do after that is head to a slot game that is included in the terms and conditions of the offer and enjoy your free spins. Often your free spins will be restricted to either a small selection or one specific slot game. However, popular slots that are fan favourites are always chosen to ensure the offer is exciting and worth your time.

Are no Deposit Spins Worth it?

There are a number of drawbacks of free spins no deposit which may make you consider offers with a deposit required instead. First of all, no deposit offers do not usually dish out as many free spins. Of course, receiving five free spins before you start playing is better than nothing, but you deserve the best!

There is also often a max win involved with free spins no deposit. This will often be stated in the terms and conditions. For instance, an offer with ten free spins may restrict your max win from these spins to €10. It is therefore always worth browsing around to find a less strict maximum win.

Wagering requirements are one of the main terms and conditions attached to no deposit spins. We will cover what wagering requirements are all about in greater detail further down, but it is worth noting that they can be particularly strict with no deposit offers. Wagering requirements refer to an amount you have to wager to be able to withdraw your winnings from free spins.

With this in mind, it varies from offer to offer whether no deposit spins are worth it. Some promotions may require so much effort to meet the requirements and understand the terms and conditions that they are not worth your time.

The main thing to do is make sure you browse a selection of offers before committing to one casino. As a new player, the power is in your hands! Existing customers can benefit from other deals such as loyalty programmes right here at Slots Racer.

Common Free Spins no Deposit Offers in 2020

No deposit free slots and spins offers have been on the decline in recent years. This is due to changes in tax regulation changes in 2017. These changes stated that free plays and free bets must be taxed in line with General Betting Duty. This caused an increase in tax for online casino operators and a decline in these free spins promotions as a result.

Nonetheless, it is worth knowing what free spins no deposit offers look like in the event that you stumble across a gem online. These promotions are typically offered as welcome bonuses. However, many promotions also offer further free spins upon subsequent deposits.

An example of a potential free spins no deposit offer would be:

5 No Deposit Spins + 100 Free Spins for €20

In this offer you may see at selected online casinos, the customer would receive an initial 5 free spins upon registration. Here the casino operator is then offering a further 100 free spins when you make a qualifying deposit of €20. Despite the low number of initial spins this would be a good deal if you are happy to make a deposit and continue the deposit

50 Free Spins No Wagering Requirements

New players could be offered a great number of free spins with an online casino bonus no deposit if they strike it lucky. This offer even states that there are no wagering requirements involved. However, this is an example of a promotion where it is vital you read the terms and conditions. If there are no wagering requirements, there are bound to be some other strict stipulations which may lead you to reconsider the offer. You also need to check that the online casino is licenced and regulated by the Gambling Commission to make sure the slots are safe to play.

Other Common Bonuses

Here at Slots Racer we offer promotions where a deposit is required instead. The benefit of these offers is you avoid the added hidden stipulations that come with no deposit offers. You also save yourself the time searching for a good no deposit offer, since they are few and far between in the modern market.

Deposit offers for free spins include the great promotions we have for slots enthusiasts here at Slots Racer. Our Welcome Offer is a great way for new players to kick off their experience. An initial qualifying deposit will present customers with a free spin of the Mega Reel.

Your Mega Reel prize will be presented in the form of a Race Crate, ready to hit the track. Inside could be any one of our exciting prizes from Amazon vouchers to a whopping 500 Free Spins.

At Slots Racer we also recognise the need to keep promotions active for existing customers, beyond the initial Welcome Offer. That’s why we offer a great range of regular promotions as well as loyalty bonuses.

With Free Spins of the Month, players can win 20+ Free Spins every time they make a deposit. Each month the slot games involved change, meaning there are always new and exciting games to check out!

Daily Cashback gives players to earn real money as a bonus every day! Cashback is awarded as a percentage of your daily deposits and increases as you advance through the loyalty ranks. Simply by playing your favourite slot games you can gain this extra cash on the side.

You will also gain trophies here at Slots Racer as you play your favourite slot games. Collect enough trophies and you will join our coveted 200 Club, which lands you a free Amazon voucher! There are lots more regular promotions on offer here at Slots Racer. So, if casino bonuses are your thing, you are in good hands here.

Can I Make Real Money with Free Spins?

Yes! Free spins refer to spins played on real money games. They simply take the place of spins that are paid for by your bankroll. Once you confirm your registration, the promotions page will take you to slot games where you can use your free spins.

Once you have used up all your free spins, you can continue playing the slot game with your own money. The difference however is that free spins will be paid out in bonus funds initially, before you turn these into withdrawable cash in accordance with the wagering requirements.

How to Get More Free Spins

There are other ways to play with free spins other than from deposit and no deposit promotions. Developers include in-game free spins to spice up their slot games and keep players entertained. In-game free spins are not subject to the same terms and conditions that ones from promotions are, so they are a great way to make some real money.

How do you know where to find in-game free spins? Well, the truth is that most slot games come with some kind of free spins bonus feature. Developers understand that players love these bonus rounds and as a result have continued to include them. To make sure you are playing a slot game with free spins, you can read slot reviews beforehand to check out exactly how they work and the number of free spins up for grabs.

These reviews will also explain how to activate these free spins. A common way this works is by landing a certain number of Scatter symbols on one spin. Scatters are one of the most important symbols in the game, in addition to Wild symbols. So, if you manage to land three scatters across five of the reels, you will likely trigger a free spins bonus where you can win real cash.

Slot games vary in how they then orchestrate these bonus rounds. Some continue in the base game as normal simply with extra spins. Other games are more inventive and use these free spins rounds to bring in new game designs and features to really spice things up! You can read more on slots that are worth playing with free spins further down.

Are Demo Slots the Same as Free Spins?

In short, demo slots are not the same as free spins. Demo slots are totally free to play versions of slot games which do not offer cash prizes. Demo slots are essentially versions of the game with all the real wagering and prizes taken out, but the mechanics of the slot game will work in exactly the same way. For instance, you will still make wagers using the coins you have, but these coins will not represent real cash as they usually would.

Are Demo Slots Worth Playing?

So, do free slots demo sound appealing to you? This is all down to personal preference. Some players could not understand why you would not want to play for real money. After all, the thrill of winning a jackpot is a great feeling and some players have managed to bank some life changing sums of money.

However, other players simply love to try before they buy! Demo slots are particularly handy for new players as they are good experience before playing for the real thing. Despite the fact that there is not too much strategy involved with slot games, it can still be helpful to have a better idea of how everything works beforehand. Indeed, you may find you have a better knack for bonus features after some practice.

In fact, some slot games are so well made and entertaining that players simply don’t feel that there needs to be money involved. Slot games have come on leaps and bounds with top graphics and soundtracks that feel just right. As a result, many of the best games are good fun just for free. You would not be able to play slots for free in a land-based casino, which goes to show how accommodating the online industry is!

If you are a new player looking to learn the ropes with some free demo slots, there are a number of aspects to familiarise yourself with. Demo slots are a great way to learn about the following:

  • Paylines

Paylines are the spaces on the reels which form a winning combination if the symbols match. Traditional fruit machines only came with one way to win on a single payline. This was three identical symbols in a horizontal line.

Modern online slots offer a whole bunch of paylines which can be horizontal or diagonal. You can adjust the number of paylines you are playing with throughout the game. You can also change the number of coins per payline, although you cannot bet on some paylines more than others.

Reducing the number of paylines will reduce the ways to win but also bring down the minimum stake. Check the game information to see what the paylines are before you get started. Getting your head around these when there is no money at stake will help you out when you play for real cash!

  • RTP

RTP refers to the Return to Player percentage. RTP is the amount of cash that is returned to players as winnings out of all the wagers taken in by the slot. An average RTP percentage is around 96%. In this case, €960 of every €1000 wagered would be returned to players.

It is worth mentioning that this percentage only becomes accurate over thousands of spins over the lifetime of a slot. So, it is not something that will influence an individual’s playing experience too much.

That said, if you have a go at some demo slots you could try some high RTP slots and low RTP slots and see if you feel a difference in the payout rate. Many players love to know they are getting a good deal!

  • Volatility

Volatility, or variance, refers to how risky a slot game is to play. A slot with high variance has a larger difference between the minimum and maximum jackpots. This of course means that there are larger prizes to be won. That said, they are riskier because they are known to pay out less frequently. Playing a highly volatile slot could land you make you wait a long time for a win.

On the contrary, a slot with low volatility does not come with as many top jackpots. The upside is that they payout much more frequently. So, if you like slow and steady games with consistent rewards, this type of slot could be your lane!

Playing some low and high volatility slots on demo mode could be good experience at managing your bankroll. If you decide that highly volatile slots simply eat up too many of your coins before landing a win, you may want to stick to safer games when you play for real cash.

Are Free Slots no Deposit Better?

Instead of receiving free spins to play with, there are offers out there which give players bonus funds instead. Some players prefer this method as it simply gives them a boost to their balance, and they can choose to spend this bonus cash as they see fit.

Players who have dabbled in sports betting in the past will be more familiar with this type of offer. They can be dished out randomly to loyal players but typically come in the form of registration and welcome bonuses.

So, what bonus funds could you claim if you find the right offer?

25% Deposit Bonus

In this small offer, new players would receive a 25% boost to their first deposit. For example, having deposited €50, bonus credit would be rewarded to bring the total up to €62.50. This little boost could allow new players to play with the maximum number of paylines and be in pole position for a big win!

Free 50% Deposit Bonus Credit

A 50% boost is commonly offered to new customers when they make their second, third and fourth deposits. This of course encourages new players to keep playing with the online casino. Halve the amount your deposit is to calculate the bonus cash you will receive to play with.

100% Deposit Bonus Cash

The neat and tidy 100% deposit bonus is readily available across online casino sites. Due to the increased reward however, there will be some hefty wagering requirements in place. Nonetheless, receiving double the amount of cash to spin the reels with could be well worth it!

You may also come across offers which give new players a combination of bonus cash and free spins. If you cannot decide between the two, this could be a perfect option.

Slots that are Worth Playing with Free Spins

The experts here at Slots Racer have identified a few choice games that are great to play with free spins. New players will want to ensure they spend their precious free spins on the right games, so be sure to check out some of these popular slots.

Diamond Strike

Free spins gained from the Welcome Offer here at Slots Racer can be used on this classic slot from Pragmatic Play. Diamond Strike slot game utilises a 5x3 slot reel that pops off the screen thanks to its cutting-edge graphics and vibrant colours. The game’s symbols include the classic fruit and 7s symbols in addition to the impressive shiny diamond which serves as the Wild symbol.

These Diamond Wild symbols can substitute for regular symbols to produce winning combinations. 300 coins per payline are up for grabs in wins using the Wild. The Golden 7 symbol is another crucial one as three or more of them on a single spin will activate the Jackpot Bonus Game. Any game which jets off to a new screen is great fun and here you will choose from 12 diamonds to try and land three matching jackpot symbols.

There’s even an in-game Free Spins feature which is triggered when the Free Spins symbol lands on reels 1, 3 and 5. So, once your promotional free spins have dried up you are still likely to land some more. Unlike the promotional spins, these in-game free spins can be triggered infinitely!

Diamond Strike is complete with a lively soundtrack and voiceover to match the fast pace of the game. It is a relatively simple game whilst still offering great rewards, making it the perfect slot for new players to get started with and spend those free spins!

White Wizard

White Wizard is a 5-reel slot game produced by Eyecon slot and truly is iconic in nature. The White Wizard Wild Symbol is one to look out for here. The wizard can appear at any time on the first, third or fifth reels. When he does, he can substitute for other symbols to form a winning combination. In this event, your earnings for that spin are subject to a 3x multiplier!

White Wizard online slot is the ideal game to spend some free spins on due to its high volatility. As we covered earlier, highly volatile slots are the best for seeking out a big jackpot. In this case, you could land a win of 360x the amount you wagered on a spin!

We also know that highly volatile slots do often leave players waiting a fair while for wins. For this reason, using some free spins could be a good way to take the pressure off as you wait for that jackpot!

Of course, promotional free spins are subject to max wins, but the good news is there are plenty more free spins to be acquired within the game itself. Land three or more of the Dragon Scatter symbol to activate 15, 20, or 25 free spins. During these free spins the Wild symbol can become large and create more wins.

Terms & Conditions with No Deposit Offers

There are various terms and conditions applicable to both no deposit and deposit required promotions. You should always read the relevant terms and conditions before racing into an offer. We know the free spins build up the excitement and rightly so! But make sure you are aware of the process that follows.

One of the main terms and conditions is likely to be wagering requirements. Wagering requirements refer to an amount the player must wager before they can retrieve their winnings from free spins. The requirement can be thought of as having to play the bonus cash through a certain number of times.

Wagering requirements are expressed as a multiplier. For example, a €20 casino bonus with a 10x wagering requirement would equal €200, meaning the player must bet €200 to withdraw any winnings from the €20 bonus.

Why do online casinos have these requirements? There are a few reasons they are necessary. One is that they inhibit criminals from using online casinos to launder money. Also, they simply ensure that the customer does not just withdraw their bonus funds and never play again. Casinos want to see you come back!

Be wary of slots promotions that do not come with wagering requirements attached. These are sometimes offered by online casinos that are not properly licenced and regulated by the Gambling Commission. Even if they are legitimate, they may come with harsher terms such as those which state the player must lose a certain amount before they can withdraw their bonus funds.

What other Terms and Conditions are Involved?

Other small conditions to watch out for include max wins and the day expiry. Terms will likely state that an offer is only valid for a certain amount of time. For example, there could be a 7-day expiry. Make sure you know how long you have to fulfil the terms of the offer and withdraw your bonus cash.

Max wins are another example of simple stipulations you are likely to come across. Caps are often set to how much you can win from your free spins. Make sure you are aware of this beforehand to avoid disappointment. Nonetheless, there is usually a good amount of cash to win!

Be sure to contact customer support at your chosen online casino should you encounter an issue. Here at Slots Racer we make sure our customers get the best support that is always friendly, prompt, and accurate.

Last Thoughts on Free Spins Slots

Whether you want to play totally free to play slots or want a risk-free shot at a real money win, there is plenty out there to choose from. The key is to figure out what you want to get out of free slots offers and go from there.

We would recommend free slots and free spins to any new players who want to get some experience. Here at Slots Racer there are plenty of promotions available to do just that! Sign up today to get started with the Welcome Offer and browse our vast selection of popular casino games.

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Please note that the RTP may change from time to time. For accuracy, see the information of the slot game in question (accessible by clicking 'Play' on the game logo from our 'All Games' tab. You'll need to be logged in to do this).