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Free slots is a term used to identify slots online that you are able to play without having to deposit money to be able to play them. This is often a chosen method for certain types of players especially those who are looking to discover how slots online are played in a generalised approach or for those who want to spend time gaming but do not have the financial reserves to play on real money slot games. Free slots on line are a great way for players to get the entertainment and excitement from slot video games without having the financial pressures of the majority of slot games. Though there are not as many free slots to choose from as there are real money online slots, there is still a wide range of different themes, bonus features and online casinos that you can take advantage of and download straight to your chosen mobile device of choice so that you can start playing straight away without the worry of losing any money at all. Play now!

What is Free Slot Play?

There are two definitions of free slots play and they mean two very different things so it is something that you should be completely certain of the difference between these two before you start playing. Free slot games are online slots where a player is able to participate in online slots and all that they entail without having to credit their account with a single penny in order to play. They are able to make the most of all of the bonus promotions features and there are always new games for them to get involved with. These free online slots mechanically work in exactly the same way as a real money slots game but no money changes hands in either direction. Not only do you not credit your account with money to play free online slots but it is rare that you are able to withdraw any of your winnings on free slots online either. Instead, winnings when you play free slots are usually used as extra credit for an online casino if you were to choose to play a casino game, including an alternative slots game online, that wasn't free, but you could use the credit that you had won from a free online casinos game to pay for it and use as your credit to place your bets.

Alternatively, to many people who play slots for real money, free slots online are actually referring to free spins on slots machines that they have paid to play on with credit that they have deposited into their online casinos account. This is often used as an incentive by the online casino to draw in more players by offering rewards such as free spins, as players continue to play to try and activate a bonus feature that will set off the free spins as a reward for their continued time gaming. This is not a new method used by the online casino but it is certainly one of the best ways to keep the players returning for more because free spins means free play so the player does not spend any of their credit during this period and has increased their opportunity of a win during this time as they get to spin the reels without spending money. This also increases the amount of time that the player is able to play their chosen slots games for so it is seen as a real bonus for multiple reasons.

Though the casino online has all rights reserved, it also offers free spins frequently as part of a welcome bonus to new players which enables them to discover new videoslots games they may never have had the chance to play on before and gives them a chance to get to know a new way of gaming without it costing them anything to do so, so if they do not like a specific online slot, they haven't really lost anything other than a little time. For new slots games online, this is the best way for the online casino to boost their footfall, popularity and chart rankings, too.

Play free online slots now

Can You Play Slots Free Online For Real Money?

There are many play free slots that you can participate in but the best one for you will depend on what you specifically want to gain out of it. If you are looking for a free online slots casino that has lots of bonus features and all the same excitement as the regular slots gaming experiences, the free online slots are great options for you. But if you are looking for slots where you can win real money are you are gaming, then this is not the option for you to rely on as this is not generally a possibility. This is because any win you get from playing online slots for free is collected as credit for use on a specific site or within that specific slots game. Though this is still very much a win, it is not money that you can withdraw and will not appear in your bank account for you spend how you please. Though this is not ideal for many gaming players, this is a clever technique for the games developers and the online casinos combined who want to keep players on their site and keep the money won coming back on to this games. This is another way that they entice players into using their site more either by continuing to play free slot games or games that must be played with the credit connected to their site from a previous win.

However, if you are looking for ways in which you can play online slots without having to rely on having your account credit as the only way in which you can win money, you will need to make your own deposit of credit so that you can play real money slot games. There are a wide range of these games so there are real money slots that suit every kind of budget so do not be put off by necessarily assuming that they will all be hugely expensive because this is not the case. One of the most attractive gaming features of some of the most popular slot games online is that bets can be placed from as little as 1p per spin of the reels which opens up new gaming opportunities to everyone in the slot world due to the small cost that it takes to be able to play and the huge jackpot bonus rewards that can be won from these games that can also be withdrawn into your bank account and spent however you choose. Some free to play slots are also available on pay by mobile slots sites like this!

Best Free Online Slots to Play

With so many slots games out there, it is important to work out if they are free games that will enable you to play or not before you pin all of your hopes on them. You do not want to invest in one of the games that you are unable to play only to be left disappointed, frustrated and angry. To help you to identify some of the best gaming that you can participate in for free, we have created a list of some of the best online free slots for you to take a look at. They are all popular free games but they are popular for different reasons, whether it is their bonus features, graphics, themes or something completely different, rest assured that there is something that you will love to spend time gaming on from this list of free slots today. Get ready to download your favourite games because you never know how much credit you may win as soon as free slot play begins!

You need to firstly work out what type of device you have which is generally pretty straight forward and as the majority of players tend to opt to play on their phones, this is where we are going to start. As free slots require you to download them as an app for you to be able to play these games before gaming can begging, you need to make sure that you download an app that is compatible with the type of mobile device you are wanting to play on. So if you are using an iPhone you want to look for Apple-compatible download apps and for all other types of mobile device, you need to download an Android app. Once you have worked this out, it should be a lot easier to devise what sort of free slot games are available for you to be able to play on.

Free Slot Games - Android Download

Android seems to have a much wider range of gaming opportunities when it comes to slots gaming for free so we are going to look at the top options for gaming for free in this manner. Online free gaming opportunities are loved for a variety of different reasons but here are our favourites so far:

Dragon Dollars

This is a fun and popular slots game that's free to play online and is loved particularly due to its impressive theme. This is an Asian inspired slot machines game where the lucky colours of red and gold don the reels as you spin and hope that a win is heading in your direction as often as possible to increase your credit. With ying and yang working in perfect harmony here, you want to hope that the scary-looking dragon is on your side as you spin the reels in this online slots game that has plenty of bonus features for you to enjoy and make the most out of. These bonus elements include the Lucky Coin feature, and Jade Jackpot, as well as the Mystic Yin feature. The Lucky Coin games are something you will want to trigger as often as possible and you can do this by aligning a minimum of three Lucky Coin symbols at any time during your gaming duration.

For every Lucky Coin that you align, you will be given a free spin, with the paying symbols locking into place and the non-paying symbols re-spinning with a win guaranteed to head your way every single time because you can continue to re-spin as long as you continue to win during this bonus slot feature. Also during this exciting time, you must watch out for the Golden Pagodas that appear at any time during your Lucky Coin free spin gaming time on the middle reels and will be replaced by an image which could be of great importance to your overall game and your overall winning ability. This is a very aesthetically pleasing slots video app that has been developed by Pokie Magic in a series of slots free for players to explore and enjoy at their convenience. Other similar slots to try:

Pharoah's Way

A good option for a free online casino gaming choice with an Ancient Egyptian theme is that of the Pharaoh's Way slots games which is actually available for both Android and Apple with separate apps to download depending on your chosen device. This slot machines style gaming opportunity is laid out in multiple different ways depending on which of its multiple games you are gaming on at that time, so there are either 3 or 5 reels in play and 10, 25 or 50 payline in play, with up to 243 ways in which you are able to win. Unlike many slots games that seem dated due to their theme, the approach given to this Egyptian gaming slot is very refreshing when they are so many slot games based around the Ancient Egyptians but you certainly won't roll your eyes when you see this slot as it is definitely one of the best around it even better, it's completely free for you to be able to play this slots game too. The graphics are key to this game with clear animation and strong musical themes, the bonus features leave you wanting more every time you play this free slots game.

Whether you are new to slots gaming or not, you will want to get in on the Pharoah's Way action as much as you can and as quickly as you can because once you have played this slot, you won't want to miss out on this online spectacular game with its exciting features and big available jackpot wins. The Gamble feature is every players favourite thing about this slots game though because it enables you to pick up the pace of the game should you want to. This is where you are able to opt to attempt double your win by gambling or stick with what you have already won, but if you lose the gamble, you will lose your winnings completely. But the big question is: What would the Pharoah do? Other similarly themed slot games to try:


If you wake up thinking slots, slots, slots and everything else is far from your mind, then Slotomania is bound to be the best slots gaming choice for you and it's completely free for you to play on. On first inspection, this online slots game has something of a circus theme behind it but actually it is much more a classic online slot than you may initially realise. This is a true classic from 777 Vegas Slots that you can play free in the style of a fruit machine which is the most loved style of slot machines in the world. With high paying symbols such as the famously lucky 7's, there are plenty of alternative bonus features for you to seek as you play what is considered to be one of the best online slot games out there! More games like this to play include:

How Much Do Slots Machines Cost?

Slot machines vary in price to be able to play them and that is one of the big pros in them as an online gaming approach as they cater to the needs of every single player. Slots used to be a "one size fits all" style game, but now they want to cater for broader markets and enable players to set their own bet size. As you are aware from reading this article, there are free slots that enable players to play specific slot games without having to deposit any cash for credit in their online account which is a very new way of enabling people to play slots. But the drawback here is that any winnings cannot be withdrawn and may only be used as credit on that particular site or even just on a specified online slot casino game. Though new slot games and new rules are appearing all the time, this can be a little frustrating for players and many people opt to play low betting levels slots instead which have a minimum bet of 1p to 5p per spin of the reel. The pro of these slot games are that they enable prolonged time gaming without huge quantities of cash being spent but do not put the player in a financially difficult position. For example, €10 could last a considerable time with 1p minimum bets and with any winnings from slot games of choice on top of that.

To cater for all needs, online slots had to make sure that they were able to provide for the big rollers too, so they had to ensure that they had provisions in place for large bankroll. They did this with new maximum betting levels where players were able to continue gaming on their favourite casino games like slots but could do so for much higher stakes when gaming. The introduction of bonus games included in slot gaming saw a rise in the number of players using the games in online casino circumstances as the slots gaming world got that much more interesting. With bonuses enticing more players and giving them a new incentive to continue playing, the gaming increased, the jackpot became bigger and the wins more frequent.

Slots Gaming for Free or Depositing Credit?

There's no easy answer to this question, although it does seem like there are a few straightforward things to point out. The first is simply about relating to cash when it comes to slots gaming and whether you have the cash to splash when it comes to slot casino games playing online. If you do not have to be too careful when in relation to watching the pennies, then slots casino games where you can deposit cash, even in a small quantity, and be in with a chance of winning something as a cash reward is usually the preferred gaming option for many players as this is generally their reason for playing a slot game in the first place. But if you are watching the purse strings and are more aimed at finding a way to interact with gaming, then slots gaming for free is a great way to be able to participate in slot gaming without having the financial risk involved and means that you can enjoy gaming to the fullest, at any time and without having any worry masking your fun.

When it comes to choice, the gaming options for free gaming games is a little more limited than those slots that you pay for to enjoy the gaming experience. But you will enjoy the games of either slot you choose to participate in. It is worth remembering that as developers and online casinos make more financial profit from games that cost you to to enjoy the gaming aspect, that this is the reason that there are so many more of them around. But it is generally the same developers who make the free slot gaming apps as it is the paid-for apps. However, the majority of free slots will require you to pay to download the app so it's not totally free, but when weighted up in comparison to how much the average casino games fan will spend gaming on slots in just a few minutes, a couple of pounds is probably a much better option for most slots games players.

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Why Play Free Slots?

Players love slots around the world for many different reasons and they are recognised as the most popular of all the casino games. Though there are slots that can be played for free, the most popular gaming method for slots are slots that need to be paid for so that players are in with a chance of being able to win the big jackpots that are only available on paid slots games. Slots gaming is popular because it requires absolutely no skill or strategy for a player to be able to participate in the art of slots games but it is, instead, based solely on slots gaming luck. There are a wide range of slots games to suit all needs of slots games players including slots games with interesting a wide array of themes, slots game with exciting bonus features and slots games with huge available jackpot bonus prizes.

Slots games are also hugely popular due to the convenience factor they provide because slots games can be played literally anywhere and at any time. So if players have a couple of minutes, they can kill time by playing slots games to entertain themselves on the daily commute, school pick up or waiting for a meeting. Slots games also prevent people from having to leave their homes again once they return from work as they can play slots from the comfort of their own homes and it is said that slots are one of the best possible ways to relax after a long and stressful day. This is due to the repetitive motion of slots and the way that slots enable multi-tasking to take place where the full attention of the player is not solely required to be on the slots game online. Slots are intended to be fun games and they really are the best online casino games around. Slots, whether free slots or paid slots, progressive slots or flat slots, enable so many people to participate in the slots gaming world, and we couldn't imagine a world without slots in them!

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