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The Lucky Irish slot machine is an Irish-themed game that revolves around popular folklore, which the Irish people hold in high regard; discover more like this on Slots Racer.  Popularly known as the "luck of the Irish," is an old expression that gained roots in the 19th century when Irish-Americans stumbled on fortunes during the varied gold and silver mining sprees at the time.

Since then, Irish citizens, as well as people with Irish ancestry, believe that there is some extraordinary luck in whatever they do. Though this luck may or may not be witnessed by many, it is still held on to passionately, as the harbinger of pure luck and tremendous fortunes to the Irish.

The Republic of Ireland, on the other hand, has been nicknamed Emerald isle or Green Isle because of its beautiful, vivid, and radiating islands, which mostly appear green and fresh. Its hills seem to be the envy of many nations, in that it is laden with such eye-catching pleasantness that most countries' hills and islands do not possess. 

Such an attractive landscape has been infused into the background and graphics of several Irish-themed games, and Lucky Irish is not an exception in this regard. The developers of this online slot machine adopted such ideas, peculiar to the Irish territories such as very colourful rainbows, adorable graphics mostly absorbed in green, and several other colours combining to give it a homely feel.  

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Lucky Irish Slots Developers - WGS Technology

WGS Technology developed the Lucky Irish slot machine game with a lot of concerted efforts from the American-based company. WGS Technology was previously known by the name: Vegas Technology and their games can be played on paypal casino too.

However, while operating in the American casino industry as Vegas Technology, the erstwhile company was frustrated to dissolution by very strict and stringent federal anti-online-gambling laws of the US at the time. As such, several of its online casino platforms were sold out. Nonetheless, a relaxation of the hitherto strict rules led to the re-emergence of the company under a new trade name of what is now known as WGS Technology. 

Even though it has not landed a successful (commercial wise) slot machine hit since its comeback, WGS Technology has continued to provide classic games that re-echo its erstwhile place as a leading game developer. It has been consistent in the creation of simple, easy-to-understand, and enjoyable slot machines widely played in online and offline casinos in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australasia. 

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Lucky Irish Slots - Gameplay 

Lucky Irish is a classic game that may sit quite well with older players as a result of the fact that it adopts a traditional theme and a commonplace storyline. As a typical classic slot machine, it has two themes: the general classic theme and the vintage or high-quality classic theme. The general classic theme is depicted in the use of popular style in typical WGS games.

For instance, as with most WGS games, Lucky Irish also has square columns at the base of the game, a crowbar, as well as a conspicuous paytable above it. The paytable has a second background, including a joyous elf, rainbow, and a pot of gold. This theme, with the intermittent appearance of the joyous elf, opens up the visibility of the whole background. 

The vintage or high-quality classic theme is the various reference to Irish folklore, which forms the crux of this slot machine. As part of its vintage appeal, Lucky Irish has 3 simple reels, 3 rows, and 1 middle pay line. With these, you are sure to keep increasing your payouts in such a simplified manner.  

Perhaps one particular highlight of this free spins slot machine is the autoplay feature, which allows you to set your bet and select your spins as well. The autoplay feature can offer you to steady spins.

All symbols in the Lucky Irish Casino Games

The symbols in this slot machine include the happy-looking leprechaun, rainbow, pot of gold coins, Bar symbols, four-leaf clovers, and beer glass symbol. The pot of gold coins represents the wild symbol which swaps any other symbol in the game. When you land 3 pots of gold coins, your bet value increases to 2400 times your wager value.

When you get 2 pots of gold coins successively, your bet is multiplied by 2 or 4 times the initial value. Bar signs can be substituted, and getting at least 2 of them entitles you to a little win. Striking the clovers and other symbols also affords you a cash prize. The higher your wager value, the greater they payout, should you land the same kind of symbol on the reels. 

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Jackpot and other unique features 

The unique feature of this slot machine is turned on with the staking of 3 coins on the reels. This would mostly allow you to have automatic spins, and 3x or 4x multiplier, depending on your stake value. 

The jackpot feature is initiated by activating the coins and setting maximum betting spins. If you play in the jackpot game, getting 3 pots of gold coins on the pay line at the same time would increase your stake value to 3200 coins. The beer glass symbol is the next rewarding symbol in a line. Striking 3 beer glass symbols on the pay line concurrently would entitle you to get 160 coins. 

However, you have to pay very close attention to the paytable, to ensure that your payouts are listed there accordingly. Betting on a high coin value would raise up your winning chances. 

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Last thoughts on the Lucky Irish - Bet or Skip?

As most classic online play slot games, its over-simplicity is a bit of a problem with players of younger demographics. Also, its relatively low number of reels and paylines may scare newer players away. The attention-grabbing background is quite commendable, and the use of folklore is, without doubt, an exciting feature.

Possibly winning with just 3 coins is perhaps a feature that will attract many players to the game. The jackpot feature is yet another feature that is sure to attract players. If you enjoyed this one make sure to also check Jungle Jim - El Dorado Slot and Irish Luck Jackpot, as they are both great games available at Slots Racer!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.